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Physics Jobs to consider while getting a physics degree

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    I am a freshman in college and have my heart set on a degree in physics. Although this is just the beginning for me, I think its worth thinking about my end game. What I'm looking for is knowledge about a job relating to a degree in physics. This is not specific to scientific research or education opportunities (although id love to hear all input you might have on the subject). Please feel free to include careers your currently working in or anything you might have an interest or knowledge of. Any job that a physics degree would be tailored for. From work in military services, to medical-physics (a big interest for me), to....idk making cars!!! I want to hear it, and the more information you can give the better.
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    The most interesting jobs in physics are those that currently do not exist. The jobs that I ended up doing for the most part involved technologies that didn't exist when I was a freshman.

    Also one of the cool things about jobs is that you can often invent them. If you see a new technology or a new trend five years before anyone else does, you can train yourself for non-existent jobs, and if you have a bit of luck, you'll be in good shape when people realize that there is a need for those jobs.

    There's also no end game. You just keep doing different things and learning new stuff until you die.
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    your saying my end game is just death? haha suddenly my career choices aren't as daunting
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    Well yes. I hate to break this to you, but you are going to die. I'm going to die. Everyone is going to die. The sun is going to die. The universe is going to die.

    Death is something that you can't avoid. It's how you live and how you die that matters. I plan to live well and die well.

    Good!!!! Looking at the big picture keeps things in perspective.
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