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Jogging bicycling or driving, most energy efficient?

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    I was wondering what the most efficient way to travelling a mile is between a bicycle, a jogger and a car. The mile is a flat asphalt surface, straight and the weather is a non issue. The car gets 20km/Liter lets say. So the bicycler, jogger and car are lined up at the start and each accelerates to an even 15km/hour, they keep pace with eachother the whole time and finish at the same time. On an energy unit basis expressed in joules which mode of transportation is the most enery efficient?
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    My bet is bike. I seem to remember that combustion engine has much lower efficiency then biological ones, and bikers burn less kalories per mile than joggers do.
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    Obviously there are a lot of factors involved here, but my money's on the bike too.
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    The bike is most efficient. It has much less mass and wind resistance than the car, and more work can be used for propulsion than jogging, since the jogger has to use muscle energy to support his/her weight and uses arms for balance.
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