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Homework Help: John Taylor Classical Mechanics Chapter 1 Problem 46

  1. Sep 5, 2013 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Problem 27 Experiment needed first: The hallmark of inertial ref. frames is that any object subject to 0 net force travels in straight line at a constant speed. Consider the following experiment: I am standing on the ground (which we shall take to be an inertial frame) beside a perfectly flat horizontal turntable, rotating with constant ang. velocity w. I lean over and shove a frictionless puck so that it slides across turntable, straight through center. The puck is subject to 0 net force, and, as seen from my inertial frame, travels in straight line. Describe puck's path as observed by someone sitting at rest on turntable.
    Now Problem 46: Consider experiment of Problem 27, where a frictonless puck is slid straight across a rotating turntable through the center O. a. Write polar coordinates r, phi, of the puck as functions of time as measured in the inertial frame S of an observer on the ground (Assume puck was launched along axis phi=0 at t=0). b. Now write down the polar coordinates rprime, phiprime of the puck as measured by an observer (Frame Sprime) at rest on tunrtable. (choose these coordinates so that phi and phiprime coincide at t=0). Describe and sketch path as seen by this second observer. Is frame Sprime inertial?

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I had tried to find which polar coordinates would coincide with the regular cartesian ones; that's really all i can describe about my attempt
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    hi karmonkey98k! :wink:

    show us how far you have got :smile:

    (btw, you can write S' for Sprime etc)
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