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Engineering Joining an engineering grad school after a major in physics

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    This is going to be my first post on pf, even though I have been following the insightful topics for a long time.I have majored in physics and after that I have decided to follow a grad course and do something where I can apply my knowledge of physics and get a good job after it.

    can someone list all the courses I can look forward to? Also, is it possible to switch to fields like areospace engg. or mechanical engg.?
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    Most graduate engineering programs require an undergraduate degree in engineering. However there are a few that might accept you with the additional requirement to take some undergraduate engineering courses as pre-requisites.
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    Like Timesea81 said, where I went to school you can get in with a physics degree no problem, but you would have to take a few additional courses. Some programs, such as UC Santa Barbara in the US, consider a physics background superior to an EE background.
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