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Jon Stewart's Daily Show-October 26, 2011

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    So I don't know how many of you watch his show but it is a very funny show. Last nights show was regarding Science. I would watch the entire thing, but if you are short on time, I would watch the entire episode because I found it hilarious. However if you are really short on time, you should watch the entire first segment. If you are very short on time, I would watch from 5:30 to the end of the first segment.

    I can't believe what Noelle Nikpour said during the part of "Science: Whats it Really Up To?" Where she says a lot of things, about scientists scamming people and other things! OMG IT IS A JUST WATCH LOL!!!!!!


    It saddens me that people think like Noelle....so closed minded.
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    When I watched it, I did not find it funny at all. It is hard for me to conceive that she really formed this opinion, rather than push a talking point. Although I try to respect personal beliefs, it hurts when irrational people display such contempt and ingratitude for what science really has done in our society, at all scales. For one thing, I listened to this woman over internet (thanks Al Gore).
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    I would venture to say that most of the town that I grew up in (in Kentucky) thinks like Noelle.

    The 'interview' was both extremely funny and a sort of sad commentary on the state of affairs in America. There are probably at least a hundred million 'Noelles' in America.
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    The interview guy was hysterical! You can't even invent someone like Noelle Nikpour, no one would believe it.
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    Yeah, the interview guy was great. I have to wonder if Ms. Nikpour was coached at all prior to filming, or if these were her genuine responses.
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    Why would she want to look like a complete idiot on national tv? I'd say she was sincere, we have Michele Bachman to look to to know people really think this stuff. I guess that's unfair when Ron Paul is a creationist that doesn't believe in evolution and says GW is a hoax, Rick Perry in addition to the above believes in Intelligent Design, and these people are running for president? :eek: Science in America is in jeopardy.
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    Yes, good point. Wow, I'm just ... flabbergasted. I've been away from my home town, where the Nikpour-like mentality is prevalent, for almost 50 years.

    EDIT: We could be in more trouble than I've been anticipating.
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    Why should they be mutually exclusive? Perhaps she didn't really have an opinion and trusted her public reps to advise her properly.

    But yeah... her body language suggests to me that she actually believes what she's saying.
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    For us Canuckistanis, the 'fun' begins at 5:30 of the first segment:
    http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart/full-episodes/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart---october-26-2011/#clip555075 [Broken]

    As anybody who's been in grad school, a post-doc (or few), or academia can tell you, it's a cash cow and all about the financial gain when you're "in the system".

    What are those multi-thousand dollar grants going towards anyways? Million-dollar Molecular Beam Epitaxy machines sounds like a whole lot of smoke and mirrors for Big Science getting together with Big Business, and pocketing Big (Tax) Dollars.
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    I knew it!
    I mean, I didn't know it. but.

    I knew it!

    I'm not sure if anything so funny has ever left me so depressed! This woman must watch the Colbert Report without even noticing the irony. It p!$$es me off that science in general and environmentalism specifically is so politicized. Where the heck are the moderates? (Oh, that's right, they were the first to go in 2010).

    Romney could lock-in my vote right now if he would publicly dismiss this kind of stupidity that's promulgated on behalf of "conservatives." And both sides are looking for that "Meson Vote"!
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