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Keyboard Shortcuts for 'SUB' and 'SUP' etc?

  1. Sep 18, 2009 #1
    Are there any for the PF SUB and SUP functions?

    I know that the standard ctrl + B, get us Bold as well as Underline and italicize.

    But, are there shortcuts for SUP SUB QUOTE CODE LINK by any chance?

    If not, I think at the least sub and sup shortcuts would be great.

    ALSO, anyone know what the Bold and Underline shortcuts are on a MAC?

    Usually a simple substitution of 'ctrl' with the 'apple button' makes it work, but no luck on PF...
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  3. Sep 18, 2009 #2
    I'll look into it this weekend.
  4. Sep 18, 2009 #3
    Sweet Greg. Thanks!

    LaTex is awesome, but sometimes overkill; the whole point and click can be annoying, though.
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    I wonder if it is possible to change behavior of sub/sup buttons. As they work now, after they are clicked cursor is left between tags, which I find highly conuterintuitive. Would it possible to make the cursor move just PAST the closing tag? That is, instead of getting


    I would prefer to get


    Sure, if others think current version is OK I won't ask to change it just for me.
  6. Sep 18, 2009 #5
    Hi Borek :smile: I assume that you usually write what you wanted exponentiated first and then you highlight and apply the 'sup' tags.

    I think the idea is that one usually clicks the 'sub' button and then writes their exponents.

    In the latter, the cursor is just sitting there nicely, waiting for input from the user.

    Just my $.02
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    Then I am weird, I usually enter text first, format it later. Probably because I had to do in my life with tons of text that was already entered and required adjusting and formatting.

    But as I wrote - I can live with it, if others won't feel like it is step ahead, I am not going to complain.
  8. Oct 13, 2009 #7
    Hey Greg. I am sure you are quite busy, but I was just curious as to whether anything ever
    came of this?

    When ever you have time, let me know.

    Thanks :smile:

  9. Oct 13, 2009 #8
    Casey, it turns out there is no easy way to add more shortcuts and honestly I'm not going to customize the code for this purpose, sorry :)
  10. Oct 13, 2009 #9
    Works for me!
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