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Kinetic Energy and Wormholes

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    I was wondering about an event that took place in a book I'm reading, Stephen Baxter's "Ring." *Spoiler Alert* Baxter definitely does his research, but I wonder sometimes about the accuracy of some things that take place in his novels. In the novel, a wormhole time machine was being constructed. One of the mouths was still traveling at relativistic speeds, so when somebody attempted to traverse the wormhole the difference in kinetic energy between the two holes apparently caused the wormhole to collapse. This made some sense to me, but I started to question it a little more when during the collapse dozens of wormholes split off temporarily, and apparently sent the character into some distant space time event (possibly the future, I haven't finished the book yet so I'm not entirely sure). Is there any reason to think this would happen, possibly as some effect of quantum gravity, or was this just a plot device?
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    I would tend to assume it's a plot device, but I haven't run any sort of calculation.
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