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Kodama means echo or spirit of the trees

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    Kodama means "echo" or "spirit of the trees"

    I just thought you might like to know :smile:

    AFAIK the Kodama state was first written in 1988
    by Hideo Kodama

    It seems the Japanese have what they call "clans" and there is a Kodama clan. There have been other famous Kodamas besides Hideo.

    There was a famous gangster named Yoshio Kodama.

    The "echo" or "tree-spirit" state appears now to be the base state of quantum gravity. It takes a positive cosmo constant and corresponds classically to deSitter space.
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    Hi Marcus. Just passing through on a lazy afternoon. I spend a lot of time in the trees these days, and Echo has always been one of my favorite minor dieties. Just thought I'd let you know!

    Thanks for being here,

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