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Lagrange mechanics

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    I am a physics student just finishing my sophomore year, and i was looking into what i could expect in upcoming intermediate mechanics. I noticed that Lagrange mechanics seems to be a big topic, and that i need to understand it to move forward in my studies. Being too impatient to wait for the course i was hoping someone could refer me to a good source to learn more about it, as my attempts to find information on the internet have been fruitless.
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    Try looking at 'Classical Dynamics of particles and systems' by Thornton&Marion. Or go to your school's library and look at practically any book on Classical Mechanics. Or find what textbook you will use for Classical Mechanics next year and buy it in advance.
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    Goldstein is a pretty good source, and if you're planning on staying with physics, a handy addition to your bookshelf. Also Landau's book.
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    thanks for the suggestions ill give some of these a try.
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