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Lagrangian for a supersymmetric point particle

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    Does anyone know where I can find the lagrangian for this?

    From memory I believe it looks something like

    [itex]S = \frac{1}{2} \int \frac{d\tau}{e}[\dot{X}^2 +i \dot{\psi}{\psi}-2ie\nu \dot{X} \psi][/itex]

    where e is the graviton and nu is the gravitino. Does anyone know of a reference that supports this?
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    That looks correct to me up to constants in front of each term. If you solve the eom you could verify that the constants are correct or not.
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    Hi Haelfix,

    Thanks for your response. I do not have the equations of motion handy so I was hoping someone might know of a reference which discusses this.

    I believe this Lagrangian can be used to motivate the worldsheet Lagrangian in superstring theory.
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    For future reference, the answer can be found in problem 4.1 of Becker, Becker and Shwarz.
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