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Lamp, p-n, nanotubes transistors

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    I need a professional pure English literature at this field, can you help me via some links?
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    I really couldn't connect lamps, p-n junctions and nanotube transistors..

    What exactly do you need?
  4. Apr 18, 2010 #3
    Nanotubes at first. Lamps as additional. Need books.
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    I can make no connection between nanotubes and lamps.

    I don't even know what you are looking for,

    Dresselhaus has an extensive book on Nanotubes, with Iijima. I guess you could check that.
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    It needs for radio day conference. Field of discussion will be vast and I preferred transistor. So I have to say about transistor essence and application in a radio. Recently i saw about amplifiers developing through nanotubes technology and it seems a good field for discussions. And what can I say except that about radio? I was at last conference and study at radio engineering faculty where this synod will be and there's no way to say about how radio operating etc cause is a speech must be short and detailed.
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    Sorry, I wrote "nanotubes" instead in singular it;)
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    I'm a bad finder, need any book, because I don't altogether have an English literature.
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