Landing on Titan

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  4. Beautiful; I've always had a slight fascination with Titan.
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    Interesting. Can't help but wonder why all those 'rocks' look so smooth - like they have been eroded.
  6. Thanks for the link. :)

    Titan is an interesting case, as it has all the components for habitability, while simply being too cold. Yet, outside the solar system, we have found many gas giants within the habitable zone of their host stars. Knowing from Saturn that Titan like moons do exist means the habitable world we find could likely be a warmer Titan like moon orbiting one of those gas giants exoplanets.
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  7. this is an 'ice/frozen' satellite.
    so the geology is really cryo-geology.
    the ground will be methane dune, with methane rivers etc
  8. Brilliant movie. Love the Beethoven piano music as backing track. Very enjoyable.
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