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Python Languages For AI

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    I found an article about AI programming languages (https://qubit-labs.com/ai-programming-languages-choose/) and I've got several questions:
    1. Are AIML and Lisp still used in programming?
    2. Several sources refer to C++ as the fastest programming language? In what way the speed of language is measured?
    3. Is Python really best for AI development?
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    1) I have never seen any use of AIML or Lisp outside of the education sector. I'm sure there has been some - but it's rare. Also, if you look at job listings, it's been a while since I seen anyone asking for Lisp.
    2) The speed would be measured in the amount of processor time required to execute an algorithm. If C and C++ are the fastest (and they would certainly by among the fastest), it is because it has several things going for it. First, it is a very flexible and relatively low-level language. So the implementation of the algorithm can be done with very effective concern for execution time. Second, it is a very widely used language, there are many implementations on the compiler, and many people working on making the compiler better. Which leads to the third item, the optimizing features of C/C++ are implementation-dependent, but the most used implementations have really, really excellent optimization features. And when new computer processor features become available, it's the C/C++ compilers that are usually the first to take advantage of them.
    3) "AI development" includes a broad category of applications. Certainly in the academic arena, Python allows you to skip a lot of details that you would need your attention with a language like C or C++. It would depend on the curriculum and the course objectives.
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    Alternatively, you can use a good development language like MATLAB to design AI algorithms (neural networks, fuzzy logic, computer vision, optimization, etc.) and auto-generate code in a fast language like C++. That gives you the combination of a good development environment and fast-running production code.
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