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LaTeX: finding a script font a la Griffiths' QM and Electrodynamics

  1. Feb 17, 2009 #1
    This may sound a bit neurotic, but after trying the calligra and frcursive packages, I feel I'm still missing out on a good, general-purpose script font for math. I'm looking for something like the script "r" on page 9 of Introduction to Electrodynamics and the script "S" and "s" on page 121 of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. The aforementioned calligra and French cursive have uppercase letters that are too large and calligra's lowercase letters are unreadably small. Moreover, I don't find the uppercase "S" to look particularly S-like---the Griffiths font is far superior. Any ideas what he used or what a good alternative is? Thanks.

    edit: I've also tried Zapf Chancery, but that's not script-y enough for my tastes.
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