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LaTeX, where can I find a place to practice and link to?

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    I am looking for a site that I can type in LaTeX commands and then link it to a friend by email??

    Like I want to show a proof and then link it to a friend.

    Anyone able to help?
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    hmm, well i dk of any sites that just parse email for the sake of sending it to other people, but some IM clients can support latex.

    kopete, a linux IM client, supports latex out of box (all you need is a latex distro and imagemagick)

    also, GAIM/pidgin has a plugin that provides latex functionality (i'm not aware of the state of this plugin on win32 systems)

    please let me know if you do find a site like that though, I was also interested in finding one.
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    I will :)
    I've been looking for the last hour. My searches only yield tutorials on how to use LaTeX or porn sites...lol.

    edit: [tex]a^2+b^2+c^2 \geq ab+bc+ca [/tex]
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    We should make a thread with just latex practice and the like :)
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    Use this site: http://at.org/~cola/tex2img/index.php [Broken] and use the "generate parmanent URL" option once you've verified the TeX works.

    For example: http://snappy.at.org/~cola/tex2img/image.php?id=d27de9f908d143f86bf469e8ece7ad06 [Broken]
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    that site doesnt seem to work ???

    I tried [ t e x ] a^2 [ / t e x ]

    without spaces, obviously, and it gave me errors. When I clicked on the link I got the dreaded X...

    Help pls??
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    nevermind I used the $ symbol and it worked!!

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