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Laws of thermodynamics compared with life.

  1. Dec 29, 2014 #1
    Dear friends! I had read about a comparison of laws of thermodynamics as follows.
    " If energy extraction is a game.
    First law: You cannot win the game.
    Second law: There is no break even.
    Third law:You can not leave the game".
    My problem is that I cannot convincingly understand the comparison.
    Please tell me how each of them matches with the actual corresponding statements in Physics Text Books.
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    I think, about first law, you can't win the game as there's no new production of energy to be extracted but just the same energy transforming into different forms.
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    Cultural analogies are only marginally useful within the originating cultures; they seldom translate well. Bottom line, it ain't worth worrying about it.
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    Actually, I think it goes:
    You can't win; you can only break even.
    You can't break even.
    You have to keep on playing.

    First law is conservation of energy.
    Second law is about efficiency. With Carnot showing the maximum available.
    Third law is about entropy and heat death of the universe ( I think )
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