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Learning about microfrabrication

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    Few questions:

    1. How are the masks made for sub micrometer level accuracy. Laser? Namely even with lasers how would they guarantee the positioning system to that level of accuracy to aim the laser how they want?
    2. Any recommended books?
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    Electron beams. Light doesn't suffice.
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    Ya been reading the typical way is lensing of an electron beam. They trace out a larger version (micron to 10 micron accuracy) but have lensing effects that convert that to nanometer accuracy.

    Light is diffraction limited at visible wavelengths giving maximum accuracy at about 1 - 5 x 10-7 but is wavelength dependent.

    It seems that there are ways around that but none are practically used. Generally interference based methods of UV light (reported accuracies between 1 - 5 nm).

    Electron wavelength is just way smaller so it is more accurate.
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