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Learning Power Theory Circuit Theory

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    I'd like to learn about how the fundamentals of how power works and how circuit theory works, while actually keeping a continuum between the fundamentals. In otherwords, I picked up a book on circuit theory, and it was filled with rules with no physics-backed explanations. I understand some concepts are built on a higher level, and it's sometimes futile to dive into the physical explanations entirely.

    Any great textbooks to read and keep on the shelf for

    Circuit Theory
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    Electrical and electronic engineering are based on Physics and other Sciences, but it helps if you can deal with it on its own terms.
    For example you might study the voltages and currents available from a battery without considering the Chemistry of the battery. You assume the battery is working and worry about the resistors and other components.

    Having some Physics background is vital for studying electronics, but it doesn't make it easy.
    You should have already done Ohm's Law and some circuits. Engineering takes it a bit further.

    I don't think any book is going to make it easy and I always suggest getting into a structured class and getting someone explain it all from square one. It is too easy to just jump around a book and miss the important stuff.
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    I should have prefaced with my background:

    BS Physics
    MS Electrical Engineering

    I am just looking for the names of some texts to pick up to flip through, and that are worthy to keep around. I learned out of the book all through college and grad school anyway. That would be excellent, thanks.
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