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Legendre polynomials formula

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    There is a question where you should find a formula for P-n(0) using the Legendre polynomials:
    P-n(x)=1/(2^n*n!) d^n/dx^n(x^2-1)^n , n=0,1,2,3......

    I tried to derive seven times by only substituting the n untill n=7,I did that because i wanted to find something that i can build my formula but i could not.
    anyone can help?
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    Well, we have:

    For a function h(x)=f(x)*g(x), we have:
    where the upper indices of f and g signifies the i'th and the (n-i)-th derivative, respectively.

    Using this relation with f(x)=x, and that all terms are zero beyond i=1, you may transform the expression for the (n+1)'th Legendre polynomial in term of a recurrence relation involving the n'th and (n-1)'th Legendre polynomials.
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    sorry for bothering but can you please make it again with using the n'th derivative
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