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Length of a month

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    Probably a very simple question, but my lecturer has asked me to estimate the length of a month.

    Any tips on how to do this, because I'm kinda flummoxed :)

    Thanks in advance,
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    Length as in measure the distance travelled by Earth during a particular month?
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    There are different kinds of months. Most likely you're talking about the synodic month which is about 29.530588853 days or 29 & 928 / 1749 days.
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    Either the question is too simple to bother with or too vague to have a definite direction.
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    Ok, I probably should have gone into more depth, even though I was asked simply: "Estimate the length of the month"

    I was first asked to prove the equation of the gravitational field of the earth = to the moons orbit (g[m).

    Then I was asked to estimate the value of g[m

    final question was to estimate the length of the month, its 4 marks, yet all i can think on is that its approx. 30 days, multiply by 86400 for the amount of seconds in a day...

    It must have something to do with the moon, but I'm unsure how

    Thanks again,
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    Yeah I think you need to calculate the Synodic period.
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