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LHC defense

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    Can someone give some opinions on the following?

    The 2 main arguments from this site i can tell are: that hawking radiation isn't proven. And that high energy collisions in the upper atmosphere travel at a fast speed & the small blackholes can escape from Earth unlike in the lhc.

    I watched a video & it said it can take a few years before the small black hole would be noticed. Just wanted some insight thanks.
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    1. Charge.

    2. Neutron stars.
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    Yes, Hawking evaporation has not been observed. But mini black-hole creation has not been observed either. The creation of mini black holes in LHC requires the same theory as the one from which black hole evaporation is derived, modified in such a way that Hawking evaporation occurs even faster than what would be required for LHC to be safe. It does not make any sense to use a speculative extension of a theory to claim that LHC will produce black hole and then deny the well established part of the theory which says black hole evaporate.

    LHC collisions do not occur at zero total momentum, because they do not occur on the whole of the nuclei. The collisions occur on nuclei constituent and the total momentum is not fully balanced. It is very basic relativity to calculate the velocities involved, and compare them to the escape velocity of Earth. Even if you have your mini black hole sitting at the center of the Earth, they would still not cause any damage over the lifetime of the Earth.

    Everything has been repeated over and over again. There is a very good detailed report available.
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    thanks for clearing that up. :smile:
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