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News Libya vs Switzerland

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    I remember some years ago, that parts of Switzerland (mostly the Basel region, I think) made a "promise" to drastically cut usage of fossil fuels. I don't know how well that plan is going, but I'm imagine events like this will only help to spur them on.
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    ...I think Switzerland has the lowest carbon footprint of all European nations, certainly of the economically powerful ones (or however you like to describe them)
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    The Swiss Petroleum Association said the country could cope with a halt of oil deliveries from Libya.

    The association's managing director, Rolf Hartl said any halt in supplies would not result in long lines at Swiss fuel stations and that sealing off the Tamoil refinery in Collombey in southern Switzerland would take two weeks.

    In addition, the amount of oil coming from Libya could quickly be purchased elsewhere, Hartl said. Switzerland also has oil reserves that could be used, he added.
    The company also said Swiss ships will be prevented from entering Libyan ports and from unloading their goods.
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