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Homework Help: Limit problem, is this right?

  1. Feb 8, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Says: Let [tex] f(x) = x + 3[/tex] if [tex]x \le5[/tex] and
    f(x) = 3 if [tex]x > 5[/tex]

    And then it asks you to find the limit as x approaches 5 from the left, right, and as x = 5.

    I get 3 as x approaches from the right, 8 from the left, and does not exist other words. But he says that's not correct. What am I doing wrong.
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    Sounds like you reversed the directions.
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    Yah, I did. I reversed it as a wrote it, but I fixed it. Otherwise it is correct?

    When x approaches 3 from the left, I should get 8. And from the right, i should get 3. And I don't think it exists at x = 5.

    This is for a friend but his webworks says that's wrong.
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    cool thanks. I think an email needs to be sent.
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