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Link to little strange Proof it fooled me

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    Link to little strange "Proof" it fooled me

    It is called 64=65.

    http://www.blessa.com/64-equals-65.gif [Broken]
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    You probably don't notice it but the pieces actually don't fit together when you rearrange them (because the diagonal in the rectangle (the new figure) is not really a line). It is very subtle but if you do the math, you'll see what I mean. Don't just trust in what you see.
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    Yes, had a good laugh when I 1st saw this.
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    While I've seen this idea before, that was a cute little animation. Thanks.
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    Ah, the difference between 0.4 and 0.375... so close, yet so far.

    - Warren
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    there is also a nice proof that all angles are right angles that I have always been puzzled by, that depends on a picture. I never can recall how it goes.
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    I was fooled by a similar problem awhile back, so it was easy to spot the flaw in this one. That and the gap between purported straight lines was larger.
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