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Linksys + camera

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    I want to use Linksys wireless router and camera such that camera can communicate with my adapter and broadcast the video to the network. Then I want to access the information sent by my camera on the computer. It doesn't have to be a camera - even a led light (I guess simpleer..the better)_. That can receive and/or send information that is accessible to me through my pc connected to the wireless network.

    I was thinking about kind of hardware/software I need. I want to build it just for fun.
    I can break my camera (webcam) and put any required hardware into it. I am also willing to buy smaller Linksys receiver adapter.

    I don't have any experience with hardware so don't know where I should be looking.

    something like
    http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/644/50104728.png [Broken]
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    Thanks for those links. But, I was looking for something like:


    I still need to do some research before asking any question. I thought I should start with simple RF communication (radio recievers and transmitters) devices first.
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