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LiPo battery peak current burst C rating

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    as I know the burst C rating usually refers to the max current allowed for 10 seconds.

    if I need higher current for 1 second, I can do it?
    The heat is the problem here?
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    Um, why do you ask? Whatcha' makin'?
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    because lipo battery sometimes explodes...
    motors require high current for the first seconds, so I want to know whats cause the battery to explode (and why drones usually use lipo)
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    jim mcnamara

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    Try this a basic start
    It is aimed at hobbyists, but based on what you asked you really should consider reading it. It explcitly explains explosion/fire causes.
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    I read this article. This is a good example for my question. If the truck need steady current of 65A and 100A for the first 3-4 seconds,
    I know that for the first second it draw about 150A.
    Can I use battery with Max burst current of 100A?
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