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Lithium-ion bateries ruined once fully discharged?

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    I have read some source stated that the phone lithium-ion battery could last longer if we charge it when its charge is very low, does this mean to let it discharge completely? But when i read this article, http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/everyday-tech/lithium-ion-battery.htm, it stated that mobile computer's lithium-ion batteries should not be completely discharged or it will be ruined. And it also mentioned that the mobile computers lithium ion batteries has no memory effect, so we don't actually need to charge it only when its charge is running low. Does the mobile computer Li-ion batteries different from the Li-ion batteries used in phone?
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    I don't believe that to be correct, just the contrary. It should not be run right down. It should be connected to the charger immediately if the cell is unavoidably discharged to a low figure, to minimize this deterioration. The Li-ion's life is prolonged when undergoing lengthy storage if it is maintained at around 80-90% capacity, I've read, rather than 100%.
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