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Logic symbolism ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been thinking about the word 'Logic' (in capitals), and its implication for quite some time, and I'm thinking of using logic as 1 of my conceptual ideas for my assignment (I'm an architecture student, designing a building duhhhh.):wink:

    Let's give you some kind of background brief for this assignment :
    -design a boutique hotel with a Sherlock Holmes theme.

    I'm having a lot of troubles turning something so abstract and vague into a 3 dimensional object. Seeing this is sometimes kind of a philosophical forum can someone shed some light on this matter?
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    i guess there should be subtle suspense in the design. i have an auditorium in my city which is violin-shaped. you could think of a smoking pipe shaped structure, probably smoke billowing from it always...... originating from a sauna at the terrace.
    you could also have magnifying glasses placed in front of the building, so that a passing outsider can have a look at the grandeur of interior decoration inside.
    think of crazy revolutionary things. might work out well for you.
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    thx for the quick response, I've thought about the literate concepts like the smoking pipe shape and the magnifying glass before, but they seem too literate and not particular monumental, nor mind provoking (as in, passerby having the building imprinted in their mind, and wondering what the hell the building 'means').

    So the next step would be thinking abstract, and the 1st and most significant idea of Sherlock Holmes would obviously be his deduction.

    I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and spawned the idea of a 3 dimensional cube, where each dimension represents each phase of logic: -the principle, the sequence of progression of thoughts, and the 'conclusion'.

    With a 3d form like a cube, I can then also play around with mathematical logics too, eg. a cube, and numbers 6 and 9. Where 6 is the number of surfaces and 9 the number of points that make up the cube in a locatable space (the 'extra' point being the reference)
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    I like the pipe sauna better....
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