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Logical Rational for spooky-action @ at distance

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    Hello, this question is for anyone who is kind enough to shed some light.

    I am not actually taking a physics class currently, but a philosophy of science course. One of the guest lecturers we've had this semester spoke on QM; EPR and Bells. My question is basically this, I am not doubting the probability shown, but I am just having a hard time believing that inanimate photons and protons are exhibiting behavior which can only be explained as of current as "psychic spooky action".

    1.) What possible motivation or rational could there be for this to occur?

    2.) Why is this phenomenon more notably present in small particles? What is the correlation if any.

    Now, I say this out of complete incomprehension I'm sure, but my guts tell me there is something else that is either not being looked at or not being seen. I understand that as of current "we" do not have means to measure past 11 km, however; is that to say there is actually no connection between these particles because there is a measurement problem?

    It just seems more rational (I know, what am I doing using THAT word) that either 1.) There is in fact a variable or 2.) That the photons and protons exhibiting this spooky communication are in fact connected in some way.

    I am writing my final paper on Bell's, so I will be doing a lot of book hoping this week, however; I have found blogs to be beneficial as well, in the past.

    Please feel free to enlighten my classical mind.


    Candy Marie
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