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Looking for 3D printing and Milling services

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    Hello! I currently have a machine fully designed to fold newspaper and place rubber bands on them, yet I do not have a way to create the parts themselves! I ask of anyone if they know of a service where I can send a CAD drawing (specifically Autodesk Inventor) and have them mill or print the parts for me.

    I'm attempting to become a freelance engineer, and I unfortunately cannot yet afford my own milling equipment. Many thanks to any replies!
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    The possibilities are endless, there are machine shops everywhere and require only a Google search to be found. You can even filter by area by adding a city name or zip code.

    Rapid Prototype Machine Shops

    You may consider finding one local to you to meet the owner and machinists, it may help in your business relationship and sometimes design intent is more easily communicated in-person.
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    I use shapeways
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