Looking for a material that will change colors

  1. I am looking for a material that will change colors depending on how long it is in the sunlight. Any thoughts?
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    Most everything does.

    You may need to be a little more specific.
  4. Basically like a mood ring. Something that will change as quick at hourly. But the colors need to be distinct. Thoughts? Or maybe some kind of chemical?
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    You are looking for photochromic materials. Silver Chloride comes to mind. It gets darker as it is exposed to UV.
  6. Why not just track down a mood ring?
  7. Bobbywhy

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    Since you want the color change to be caused by sunlight, then a mood ring would NOT be a solution. It changes color according to temperature.

    Will you please describe in more detail exactly what your proposed experiment would be? What's your objective? What do you plan to demonstrate or measure? Members here can contribute, but are not mind readers. Thank you.
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    How about a (living) leaf? Over a relatively long period of time, its colour will depend upon illumination.
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