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Looking through NRC regulations on acquiring Am241

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    Hello all, I am reading through the regulations at the NRC for what is required for a University to acquire samples of Am241 but am having a difficult time navigating my way around.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Someone at your university should be responsible for the radioactive inventory. That person should know the regulations (and has to know about your plans anyway).
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    Yes, you are correct.

    We have our EH&S Radiation Safety Division, the Radiation Safety Board, and a whole host of nuclear experts on campus, however I like to go in well prepared before asking questions.
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    This document discusses some of the local and federal regulations governing the handling of radioactive materials:


    See p. 7 and following for a discussion.

    The Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 10, contains the regulatory language. The CFR can be accessed here:


    Select the year, and a new menu will appear listing all chapters in the CFR (there are 50 total). You can download all of Chapter 10 or just the pertinent bits.

    As far as acquiring the actual material, I suppose you could go to Home Depot and buy a crapload of smoke detectors. :wink:
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    This is a good start, thank you SteamKing.
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