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Loop Quantum Gravity Resources

  1. Aug 16, 2008 #1
    I have made a resource page for loop quantum gravity . I have made a list of books, papers and online tutorials. Check it out. It should be helpful
    http://mushfiq.net/loop-quantum-gravity/ [Broken]

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    I think it will be. I especially like that so much is available free online. Much of the online stuff (and hardcopy as well) has appeared just in the past year. It's definitely a useful list. We should keep it updated as more resources become available.

    Impressed with the large section that is just about cosmology (LQC) an important application that is how a lot of people come to LQG these days.
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    Thanks Marcus !

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    Resource update : Three papers added -

    1.Loop and spin foam quantum gravity: a brief guide for beginners, by Hermann Nicolai, Kasper Peeters

    2. "Action and Hamiltonians in higher dimensional general relativity: First order framework ", by Abhay Ashtekar, David Sloan (2008)


    " Corrections to the Friedmann Equations from LQG for a Universe with a Free Scalar Field ", by Victor Taveras ( 2008 )

    Online Tutorial section is also updated.
    http://mushfiq.net/loop-quantum-gravity/ [Broken]
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    I hope this one also helps:
    http://egregium.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/list-of-books-on-quantum-gravity-and-other-helpful-tips/ [Broken]
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    Thanks.. This is also a good list.. In your list i only know rovelli,gambini,carlip,thaiman . But i did not know the others. Thanks for listing those..:cool:
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    Superstring, you might find this useful

    It is the slides for the talk that Carlo Rovelli gave at Cern this week (21 August) to the String 2008 conference. It is a broad accessible introductory talk about Loop and Spinfoam QG, for non-specialists. Introductory because presumably most string theorists do not know much about current developments in loop and related areas. So it might be useful for other people besides that particular audience. See what you think.
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    Thanks marcus! sorry for late reply. It should really be helpful for all non-specialists including me. I will check it..:biggrin:

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    I just saw it and could not wait to thank you again. Wow! great job by rovelli.

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    added two papers in LQC

    Quantum gravity with a positive cosmological constant ,by Lee Smolin

    ” Quantum bounce and cosmic recall “, by Alejandro Corichi, Parampreet Singh

    Books list is updated. QM & QFT books are added
    http://mushfiq.net/loop-quantum-gravity/ [Broken]

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    that link was to the pdf file of the slides for his talk. there is also a video of the talk itself.
    One can watch and listen to the talk, while scrolling down thru the slides (the video does not always show the projection of the slides clearly, so the pdf can give better resolution.)

    Rovelli said he was pleased with the interest shown and getting so many questions from the audience---said they asked good questions and also more numerous compared with typical responses to other talks.

    I should get the link to the video. Let's try this:
    Yes! this is it. And at the end there are questions, when the camera turns around and takes in the audience. I was impressed by how much interest, the hall is packed. Even some people standing up because not enough seats. The tone of the many questions is courteous interest, Carlo's responses relaxed and frank. It was so successful that I would expect a repeat of this general sort of opening up, in the next conference Strings 2009 which will be in Rome. Perhaps they will invite Rovelli again, or it could be someone else, like Renate Loll or Abhay Ashtekar. I think it is very much to the credit of the organizers at CERN that they invited a speaker from nonstring quantum gravity to open up their theory universe a little. Hopeful development.
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    Sorry wrong expression. I wanted to say.. i just looked at that file.. Thanks for the new link

    Here is the direct link for the video
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    This page is shifted to : http://cosmicposts.wordpress.com/loop-quantum-gravity/" [Broken]
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    That is a nice site. I checked out several topics that branch off from the homepage:

    It is handsomely designed, with effective graphics and color images.
    And careful: work went in to listing selected resources.
    And clearly organized.
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    Thanks Marcus. I wanted to be regular to write this blog. But don't get much time! Thinking to start writing again.
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    For your website to serve as a resource for people, you don't need to be posting on it regularly---only as needed to keep the list up to date (of the best LQG resources).
    I hardly need to point this out! It's obvious that the essential thing to make it useful is ensuring that other people know it is there. For that, you don't need to be posting constantly. You need only visit other places and leave the link.

    I will put it in our LQG list of resources here at Beyond forum. If nobody needs it, fine. But if they do need it they have a chance to find it. For the right person your lists could be quite helpful.

    I put it here:
    You never knows what comes about from such simple networking. Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Studies must come first. Internet activity is a distant second. But thanks.
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  19. May 18, 2009 #18
    Thanks for your advise. I will try to update it regularly.
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