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Lost my mojo

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    Hey I am doctorwes and I am a A2 student in Maths, Physics and ICT

    Recently, I have been feeling rather cr*p towards my work in both Maths and Physics. I mananged to get a B in our maths assessment, on which I should have got 90 percent or more and now I have got my physics paper back and I got an E (45%), which after going through the paper is annoying.

    Normally, I would be able to do these assessment with ease, but now I feel like I have lost my special "spark".

    Any ideas to help me get it back?
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    Maybe you have lost your way wes. "Why am I doing this?" No, not me, my mojo is plenty fine. I mean you. Why bother studying physics and math while others are banging about? Do you know that much personal suffering in the world is caused by people living their lives in a cloud of haze not understanding why things in the world are the way that they are? Yeah, it's true. Well, math to me answers virtually all of those questions. Yeah, yeah physics too, whatever. Anyway, I may not like some of the things in my life, but because I like studying math and science, at least I understand why they are the way that they are and that gives me great peace of mind and my mojo is with me.
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    I see what you are saying Jackmell, but I don't think this is the problem. My mind is currently at peace and am doing well in my other subject (ICT), so I feel that it is more maths related. For example, I was making the most stupid mistakes today in physics, like putting 6000 into the calculator, when the question shows 3000.
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    Making stupid mistakes, like putting 6000 into the calculator, when the question shows 3000, is *not* maths related. Just thinking that shows you are not thinking straight.

    Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well? Getting enough exercise? Are you bored? Are you stressed out or depressed? Are you avoiding all drugs? Are you avoiding tobacco and alcohol? People make silly mistakes when they are tired, mentally unwell, malnourished, unfit, or have a hangover. It might just be a "teenage thing", a growth spurt or hormones upsetting things. If so, things should quickly get back to normal. If you continue making daft mistakes, over the next few weeks, I'd talk to a professional, or two, about it. Start with your favourite teacher and your GP.
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    Or when they're trying to rush through working out an exercise or derivation, frantically scribbling all over the paper. Sometimes I fall into that trap, too, in which case it helps if I sit back, close my eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths, and start over, putting conscious effort into writing more slowly and laying things out on the paper in an organized fashion.
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    If you made stupid mistakes or mistakes which you understand the reason its wrong, then that means you actually do understand all the material. In that case you should not be worried about your capabilities in math and physics. Its important not to be too hard on yourself. This type of thing has happened to many others including me. Just try to forget about this, be confident in your abilities and be determined to do well in your next assignment/test.

    Sometimes it can be the way you prepared for the test. Did you get enough sleep? Did you cover all the topics? In detail? (may be you understood everything but messed up on some small annoying detail). Did you clear up any confusion over some subtle points? Did you practice enough hard problems? you might understand everything but may not have enough experience with hard problems that might show up on a test. Even if you can do them, practice will definitely increase your speed in finding the answer.

    Whatever it is, try to analyze what the root of the problem is and find ways to fix its/take precautions but don't discourage yourself. You might just be going through a rough patch (happens to everyone since we are not perfect), or had bad luck.
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