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Low noise 60 Hz notch filter circuit

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    Does anyone have a very low noise 60 Hz notch filter circuit that will not attenuate over 100
    or a low noise bandpass from 100 to 20000 hz .
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    Re: Filters

    Here is a Burr-Brown active do-it-yourself active notch filter at 60 Hz that has separate low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filters that can be summed in a summing amplifier.
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    Re: Filters

    You want a sharp notch to supress 60Hz and not attenuate 100Hz?

    A better approach might be to eliminate the 60Hz noise coupling first, so that it doesn't show up in your signal channel. And/Or, do something with your signal to move it away from 60Hz (modulation, etc.).

    What is your application?
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