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LQG in the mainstream press Glimpse of Time Before Big Bang Possible

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    LQG in the mainstream press "Glimpse of Time Before Big Bang Possible"

    string theory gets all the headlines, and perhaps, when LHC starts collecting data, justifiably so, but here's one for LQG

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20070701/sc_space/glimpseoftimebeforebigbangpossible [Broken]

    "To see how far into history one might gaze, theoretical physicist Martin Bojowald at Pennsylvania State University ran calculations based on loop quantum gravity, one of a number of competing theories seeking to explain how the underlying structure of the universe works."
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    This stems from an article in the journal called Nature Physics, an offshoot of Nature.

    Here's the press release from Penn State
    http://www.science.psu.edu/alert/Bojowald6-2007.htm [Broken]

    Bojowald's article "Before the Big Bang" will be in the July 2007 online edition of Nature Physics and then in the August hardcopy edition.

    For anyone especially interested, I would suggest printing off the press release text, which has some interesting details.

    Also good reading is Bojowalds recent article on arxiv.
    "The Dark Side of a Patchwork Universe"

    the first 10 pages of that one have some introductory overview and tutorial stuff that can help you understand more of what
    he's talking about
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