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Magnetic feild in regard to aluminium

  1. Jul 20, 2010 #1
    hey guys, just a quick question about the magnetic feild lines and aluminium,

    because aluminium is not magnetic, do magnetic feild lines pass through the metal unhindered, or are they distorted? or is thickness become an issue?

    this is in relation to mounting permenant magnets in an aluminium block.

    i am using 12mmx10mm neodynium n42 magnets flush mounted in a aluminium bars, would they lose any strength at all?

    thanks for any replies guys :)
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    Won't be a problem while the magnets are fixed.

    With moving magnetic fields you can get eddy currents in aluminium - not a problem here.
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    just realised i spelt field wrong lol

    thanks for the reply aj:)
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