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B Magnetic field around a finite wire with different diameter

  1. Oct 30, 2016 #1
    In my simulation I have a wire with a fixed current flowing, I observed if I change the diameter of the wire the magnetic field (B) in a fixed point of the space also changes, is it correct?
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    That does not seem correct, as the magnetic field depends only the current.
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    Yeah, I am agree, only the length affects the measurement, but in this case the length does not change, only the diameter, I dont understand whats wrong...

    I have a wire with a 0.05A current over a measurement point at 0.03mm (border of wire), the length of wire is 5.08mm and the diameter is 0.025mm or 0.05mm...
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    with everything on such a tiny scale, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just measurement error

    1) why such small lengths of wire and measurement distance and current ?
    2) how are you measuring the B field strength ?
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    How did you place the thick wire on the same position where the thin wire was? Oh yes, nearest point 0.03 mm from the fixed point ... so part of the thick wire is too far from the fixed point.
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