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[Magnetic Flux and Lenz's Law] Is this picture correct?

  1. Dec 12, 2015 #1
    Is the arrow of the ammeter pointing in the correct direction? The induced current is going through the positive end of the ammeter and out of the negative end. Since current is traveling towards the positive end of the ammeter, shouldn't the ammeter point towards the negative direction?

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    Also, (picture attached to this post), why is the the loop pushed to the right out of the magnetic field? Since the induced current is ccw, shouldn't it push the loop to the left because the original current is cw which is already pushing the loop to the left?

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    The diagram is correct, an EMF is induced in the lower wire and the resulting induced current is as shown. Remember the wire is the source of the EMF and so the right hand end of the loop is the +ve of the EMF.....think of it as a cell.....the current flows from the + of the EMF.....that is into the + of the ammeter
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