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Magnetic flux generated by a motor coil

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    I am not so good with magnetic equations and I am needing some advice in how to start to calculate the magnetic flux generated by a motor coil.

    Finally I want to be able to calculate the magnetic flux generated with and without the iron core of each coil in the motor.

    I will appreciate all information, help and links to learn about the matter.
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    how about the magnetic field of a current carrying solenoid .
    B=(mu)NI/H (Mu)=permeability constant N= number of turns
    I= current H=height
    where A= cross sectional area.
    Is this what your getting at .
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    Thanks for your answer. But if I want to draw the magnetic field surrounding the coils and the collaboration between them canceling or summing force, It is correct if I do this with Bio Savart law?
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