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Magnetic motor what is your think about

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    Dear all,
    from some time I'm reading about this (may be) new type of technology useful to produce clean energy. You Tube have plenty of video about this type of motor but I've not found anywere a theoretical explanation about how this type of motor is able to work. Then I like to know what is your think.
    I know from modern Physics that energy can't be crated from null but it can be transformed, well, in what way such type of motor can work?

    The question that I've did is not a joke, just like to know what is your idea about it?

    Thanks in advance for all people like to give me some useful info.

    Best regards
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    "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" - You can't get energy from nowhere.
    There are lots of electric motors, they have been around since before gasoline engines but they need electricity to work.
    Anybody who claims to have a system that does work without energy is either an idiot or a conman.
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    I'm totally agree with you, but the point is if the energy that can be feed from the magnet should be able to build a real working magnet motor and if this is true how I can estimate the life of this system.
    To see a case that I'd like to investigate take a look at the attached paper and also take a look at this video:

    What is your point of view about it?

    If I can consider this type of motor a closed system and the energy inside is only the magnetic energy stored into the magnet how much energy I can estimate to extract before the magnet is exaust (if energy can be only trasformed I've to admit to descharge the permanet megnet due to the energy extraction). Could you give me your think about this?

    Also in my think this is really strange, I'm electronic engineer and I know the physics but it has to me made curious about this stuff.

    With regards

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    Thanks for your reply, well, take a look at my previous email, my think is how I can estimate the total energy that can be sourced from the Troy Reed magnetic motor and if this solution is really or just another joke.

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    There is no magnetic energy in a magnet to extract.
    If you pull two magnets apart you do work, if you release them and they move back together you get some of that energy back - it's no different to stretching a spring, except rather less efficient.

    My bookshelf currently holds about 20Kg of books - if I could extract 'bookshelf energy I could use it to power my car as well.

    That the US patent office gave a patent for a perpetual motion machine tells you a lot more about the US patent office than it does about perpetual motion machines.
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    Hehe you're right, I can put the book at 100meter and the release it and use the potential stored into the book to move the car, of course the final efficiency is very little because I've also to take in account the work that I've did to put the book at 100 m.

    Then what can be a logical conclusion about the magnetic motor, this must be stop itself to rotate after some time depending the friction into the systems?
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    I'm running my fridge on bookshelf energy.
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    Grinch, discussions of perpetual motion and related topics are not permitted here on the PF. This thread is now locked.
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