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Making insulator that keeps water at the same temperature

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    Well i have to do this project/experiment creating an insulator that keeps water at the same temperature for an hour or some duration of time. I was thinking of Styrofoam, but i just wanted to post this here in case someone could help me out or give some ideas. I have to use recycled materials.

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    I don't know exactly what you will have on hand, but if you can line the inside of your insulator with mirrors (reflective surface facing in, of course) you can make it insulate better. This is a trick that most thermos bottle makers use.

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    yea i thought about Aluminum. Any other ideas?
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    Aluminium Spray paint
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    Nested containers. A small air gap is about as good insulation as you can get. You need to minimize the contact with the outer container and take care to eliminate air circulation.
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    Heat is lost through radiation, convection and condution. You should aim to design your setup so that these factors are minimized.
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