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Man uses solar panels to generate electricy, actually makes the news

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    I'm amazed that i just saw, halfway through the year 2005, a news report on a guy who installed solar panels......nothing special, no special anything... he just installed solar panels and they are acting like this is some new technology that is just blowing the minds of people. I guess the reason it was an actual news report is because the guy lives in Chicago. Oh well :D
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    Really? Someone thought this was new? So news does travel slow in America. :tongue2:

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    "Breaking news, OJ simpson has been found not guilty!"
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    Well, like you said, in Chicago, that might actually be news. It was a huge deal when the Citicorp center was first built in NYC. It was supposed to be the first skyscraper to ever operate entirely on solar power. It failed miserably because there is little sunlight in New York for half the year (it was also a big deal because the ground floor is an open plaza, which actually did work). I've never been to Chicago, but I would imagine the situation there is similar.
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