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Mary Poppins author dead!

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    "Mary Poppins" author dead!

    Okay, it happened 10 years ago, I just thought she'd died in the Pleiocene or something.
    She seems to have been quite a woman:
    http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/books/10/17/books.poppinsauthor.ap/index.html [Broken]
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    how interesting.....not.

    You sure do love the celeb gossip my friend. :rolleyes:
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    Leave him alone man...or do you need another spanking ???

    I did not know this information about the author of Mary Poppins... SPIT SPOT...Loved that musical/film...

    Chim chimmeney chim, chimmeney....

    marlon, who feels like a kid again
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    Marlon, I disowned you from the family long ago. :rofl:

    You people and your gossip....:rolleyes:

    Just like the thread about how tom cruize was on the tv......arg :yuck:

    Here, you two go nuts: http://www.eonline.com/
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    err, whatever...

    If you don't like it or you did not care about it, you would not take the effort to reply each time.

    Since this is obviously NOT the case, you are again lying...Stop being such a hyppocrite man...this is not the first time i have to tell you this.

    Ohhh, that's a website we did not know about :rolleyes:

    Try to be a bit more creative man...anyone can take a picture :wink:

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    That's not going to get you back into the family. Try harder :rolleyes:

    I dont like you, but I still reply dont I?

    Don't be mad because I found out your homepage. :bugeye:

    Yeah, but no one can look as good as me.

    Best Wishes,


    P.S. If you need someone to Idolize, Idolize me! I am your god pegan, bow before all that is great! Give me sacrificial virgins and you shall get your acting career. :devil:

    I have a great part lined up for your as an umpa-lumpa.
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    P.L. Travers was a fine children's writer. I grew up on the Mary Poppins books (yes it WAS back in the Pleistecene). In my opinion the movie does not do the books justice. It skews the story of the family, making Mr. Banks into the stupid sort of tyrannical dodo that sitcoms love, and the mother into a terminally silly suffragette. In the real stories they were very much secondary characters but treated with dignity. And the relentless cheeriness of the movie does not correspond to the very tart ambience of the stories. Consider the artfully sinister chapter "The Doulton Bowl", for example. All the menace of Lemony Slickett without the camp.

    If you haven't read them, give yourself a treat and check them out of the library.
  9. Oct 18, 2006 #8
    Back in the family ??? What family ??? :rolleyes:

    But that's my point. You say "i don't like..." but this is a lie. Otherwise you can only be a poor sucka with too much time on his hands. But that would be so painfully obvious, no ?

    I ain't mad, i am just saying that you should not waste your time by stating such superfluous stuff. It makes you look quite, err, superfluous.

    Irrelevant, since we are talking about "takin' pictures" not "bein' in pictures"...For the rest, i will leave you with your dreams.

    Idem Dito


    Thanks for the offer but i am gonna decline it because of "the lookin' superfluous stuff" i mentioned...:wink:

    Besides, go find your own virgins man...But then again, why am i not surprised you have got to ask for them on a public forum...:rofl:...jeeezzuusss
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    :rofl: Rightttt, got any more videos you made of your cats, or twirlling your fingers? :rofl:

    Is superfluous the word of the day on dictionary.com? :rofl:

    My dreams are your obsession, and you know it.

    Keep it up, you'll never get to play an umpa-lumpa with that attitude marlon.

    Yours truly,


    You know marlon, you lie too much, you take my stuff, and I know your screwing my girlfriend. You REALLY do deser-ve to di-eeee.
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    Haha so sad, you bring in topics that have nothing to do with you bein' totally redundant...

    Anyhow, don't laugh with stuff that you are not able to do yourself. Besides, you certainly should not laugh with stuff you said was good and funny. But i guess you forgot about that, no ??? Dont' worry, i still have the prove to refresh your memory.

    AI AIAIAIiii, so sad...

    Is this the joke of the day on alsoIcanbefunny.com

    Nope, that's what you would want but again, you ain't that good boy...

    Do i really care ???

    Again, this is very sad. First of all, the text is incorrect so the effect of what you are trying to achieve is totally gone. Secondly, YOU do not have a girlfriend as you told me several times. Finally, i don't take your stuff because there is nothing "to take"...Ok, just some pictures of buildings maybe, but than again, not much to do with those no ???

    Bye bye


    ps : my dear Theo Sarapo, i am hoping you will give an intelligent remark now, just for a change
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    :rofl: Classic. I'll think of something to say later.

    with all my love,

  13. Oct 19, 2006 #12
    :rofl: Classic. You do that buddy...GOOD LUCK

    dal tutto mio cuore

  14. Oct 20, 2006 #13
    cyrus....i am waiting...the longer you wait, the more "stupid" your answer is gonna look...

    ...just doin' you a favour man...

    your personal guru

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