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Mass flow controller repair

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    Would love to talk to anyonw that is familiar with MKS instruments 1179A Mass Flow controllers. I have taken apart a MKS mass flow controller and am trying to fix it but I am not sure where to get replacement parts, or even what some of the parts do.Most specifically is a small block on top of the main control block that has a very small diameter stainless stell capillary tube and an electronic ribbon with 3 wires in it. It is out of warranty so all I know is that it doesn't work and I would like it to. But this is really more of a learning experience than anything so that I can see how these controllers work. It mainly looks like the company would like to work on their own products and that there is not a lot of replacement parts available as far as I can see. Would appreciate any help from someone who has done this before.
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    I am having a hard time finding any repair parts for a MKS 1179A mass fow controller. I think that the company is trying to make money by not selling repair parts. Has any body else had the same experience?
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