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Mass is Energy Moving Faster then Light?

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    Wondering if any of you who are more competent in SR/GR than I am have seen this:

    The arguments made in the video seem wrong on so many levels. In response to a comment I made I received this:

    E = integral (p(v)*dv) is the most efficient interpretation of Energie. this is the correct interpretation mass appears from negativ acceleration from speed of light Energie depends only on speed relativ to c.

    this formular can be simply verified if you take E = Integral ( p(v)*dv) p(v) = v* m*gamma(v) for gamme(v) = 1/sqrt(1-v²/c²).

    E= integral( v*m/sqrt/(1-v²/c²))*dv) = [ -m*c²*sqrt(1-v²/c²)] from v0 to v1.

    For v0=0 and v1 = c you get E=m*c². For v0 = v and v1 = c you get E² = m²*c4+c²*v²*m² ....for small v1 < c/10 you can see that the result will equal E=v²*m/2

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    That video looks like crap. It has just text, still images, and music.
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    [tex]E=\gamma mc^2 = \frac{mc^2}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}[/tex]

    His gamma factor is wrong......

    If his gamma factor was correct, then for v approaching c, then the energy approaches 0......whereas the energy should approach infinity.
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