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Mass of the Car?

  1. Oct 2, 2014 #1
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    A race car exerts 19,454 N while the car travels at a constant speed of 201 mph, 91.36 m/s. What is the mass of the car?

    I have no idea how to start this problem; I labelled out my given info but i do not know how to incorporate it into my equation. At first i thought to use kinematic equations but that did not work.
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    If by "A race car exerts 19,454 N ...", the problem means this is the normal force acting on the road surface due to the gravitational attraction between the earth and the car, how would that affect the use of your formula?
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    Does that indicate that i have to use the gravity of the earth for the "a" variable and rearrange the equation so that it is m=f/g?
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    Well, the car is traveling at constant speed, so there is no acceleration down the track. It's a simple calculation, so why not try it?
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    Simon Bridge

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    The 19454N is the weight of the car.
    What is the difference between weight and mass?
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    Mass - simply measurement of amount of matter in a body, it is expressed in m or M.
    Weight - Measurement of the amount of force used by gravity to pull that matter, it is expressed in W. Weight is mass multiplied by the acceleration of gravity.

    Formula: W = mg
    where, W - Weight
    m - Mass
    g - gravitational acceleration
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