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Materials engineering vs Mechanical engineering

  1. Oct 20, 2014 #1
    I am an student of Materials engineering I'm 4th semester. I have always wanted to develop airplanes (I grew up close to an airport). I know for some articles on internet that Mechanical engineering is closely related to aerospace engineering. Over the 4th semesters in materials engineering I get that they develop the material for the manufacturing and I want to be the one who builds from the scratch the airplane, the one who analyses every fact ( aerodynamics, design... and so on).

    you might wonder why I don't major in aerospace engineering?, well, in my country there is no major in aerospace engineering (I live in Colombia).

    In general :
    * I would like to develop airplanes
    * I'm so into the airplanes thing that I would pay for watching them taking off and landing.
    *I don't mind about the money, I just want to have enough to live comfortably
    * I think there is a lot of mechanical engineers and maybe that would be a disadvantage (in opposite to materials engineers- they are fewer people with that bachelor).

    Which do you think works the best for the field that I want?, what do you guys think about these two careers?,
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    Actually, aerospace engineering is a derivative of mechanical engineering applied to aircraft and spacecraft.

    Certainly, materials science/engineering or mechanics of materials is part of aircraft design.

    What are one's interests, airfoils (wings), aircraft structure (wings, engine mounts, fuselage), propulsion, . . . . ?
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    I like the most the propulsion system.
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