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Math book suggestions? Mainly calculus.

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    Currently, I have failed multivariable calculus and will probably fail it again. Math is normally not a problem for me. One of my faults is that I always studied for the semester doing only the necessary things, then forget about them, causing me to forget basics for my current class. Studying last minute and getting C's. I'm gonna try and turn that around. I'm going to withdraw from this class and spend the next few months studying all my math, including algebra and trig. Hopefully, I'll understand math better by next semester. So... Does anyone have any suggestions on calculus and other math books I should read? The math books my teacher have been telling us to get aren't really good. Also, any books on calculus based physics I should read? Any study tips? I don't know why I have such a hard to concentrating. Even in quiet areas with no electronics. What works for you?
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    There are some great books, but in russian)
    This is one, that very useful in russian non-mathematics universities: http://log-in.ru/books/16711 - "Lectures on Higher Mathematics" by Pismenny tells about main topics of math briefly but irrefragable.
    If you want to read more sophisticated book and not very complete - no problem - http://www.booksgid.com/humanities/1895-v.i.smirnov-kurs-vysshejj-matematiki.-v.html [Broken]
    - " A Course of Higher Mathematics" by Smirnov is popular and refferable in all the world and I guess it's the best book at least because only in Russia it has kept 24 reprints... And there is english translation, input "Smirnov course higher mathematics download" in Google and get result!) I'm really suggest this book for you!
    Some info about who was mr. Smirnov http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Smirnov_(mathematician))
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    Two books come to mind:

    1. Smith and Minton's Calculus- written by my undergraduate Math Dept. Chair, it is still the best problem-solving oriented book on Calculus (from derivatives of one variable through The Divergence Theorem) I have seen. It is probably not well-kown but it is a great book. And the examples solved are very challenging with beautiful graphics that really aid the material especially in Multivariate Calculus.

    2. Kreyzsig's Advanced Engineering Mathematics— a classic book that is very physics-oriented. I was a math major and am a pure math graduate student, but despite the title, it is still appealing to me. Buy one of the previous editions for self-study for very cheap.
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    Are you undergrad. or graduate student?
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