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Math Grad School Advice

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    I actually have a few questions about grad school,

    I transferred from a small college in the middle of no where to a larger midrange state university. I spent a year at the smaller college and I have been at this state university for a year and a half. I'll admit, I started majoring in math not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. For two and a half years I basically winged it. At the small college, I got Cs in Calc but a B in Linear. My calc credits didn't transfer (rigor of material wasn't equal), so I retook them and got a B- in both (I retook calc II because I didn't get a B-). So I realize it already looks bad that I took calc a few times. This semester I approached a teacher about Combinatorics, and we are meeting for a 1 credit hour class of just reading and independent study. After I accomplish that class he was going to help me with undergraduate research. I'm fairly certain that if I do well in my classes, I will end up with a 3.0 in my major. I've only really screwed around in my 100 and 200 level classes. I aced my algebraic structures class (a precursor to Abstract).

    Assuming I do well in my 300 level classes, am I still graduate school material?

    Is taking a class on Partial Differential Equations necessary for Pure Math, differential equations was a bane?

    Will taking a 300 level actuary class look odd on my transcript, I'm just really interested in what kind of maths they actually use?
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